LE MORTE D'ARTHUR - Introduction Book II


THE Classic Arthurian folklore. A drama of illicit love, the magic of sorcery, and the quest for the Holy Grail. A ignominious and chivalrous tale that's been recounted for centuries. All the famous characters are here... King Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot, Merlin, Excalibur, the sword in the stone, and all the Knights of the Round Table. StoryLink Radio presents here the original epic tale from Thomas Mallory first published in the year 1485. [new chapter added daily!]


The Noble Tale Between King Arthur and Lucius the Emperor of Rome

The following is a synopsis of Book II – be aware there ARE spoilers here!

Arthur's march on Rome - The opening finds Arthur and his kingdom without an enemy. His throne is secure, his knights have proven themselves through a series of quests, Sir Lancelot and Sir Tristan have arrived and the court is feasting. When envoys from Emperor Lucius of Rome arrive and accuse Arthur of refusing tribute, "contrary to the statutes and decrees made by the noble and worthy Julius Caesar", Arthur and his knights are stirring for a fight. They are "many days rested" and excited, "for now shall we have warre and worshype." Arthur invokes the lineage of Ser Belyne and Sir Bryne, legendary British conquerors of Rome, and through their blood lineage demands tribute from Lucius under the argument that Britain conquered Rome first. Lucius, apprised of the situation by his envoys, raises a heathen army of the East, composed of Spaniards and Saracens, as well as other enemies of the Christian world. Rome is supposed to be the seat of Christianity, but it is more foreign and corrupt than the courts of Arthur and his allies. Arthur leaves his court in the hands of Sir Constantine of Cornwall and an advisor. Arthur sails to Normandy to meet his cousin Hoel, but he finds a giant terrorizing the people from the holy island of Mont St. Michel. Arthur battles him alone, an act of public relations intended to inspire his knights. The giant dies and Arthur then fights Lucius and his armies defeat the Romans. He is crowned Emperor, a proxy government is arranged